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Rubinetto Bugnatese Serie Atelier in finitura PVD rame lucido
Rubinetto Bugnatese Serie Atelier in finitura PVD rame lucido

More and more frequently, one hears about PVD treatments in faucet industry. As for all novelties that quickly become sought after and trendy, however, the technical aspects and the real benefits of using these treatments are often overshadowed by the pure aesthetic impact.

PVD treatments are generally known to be more resistant compared to traditional galvanic treatments or coatings Nonetheless, there are other advantages that we would like to make you aware of.

PVD stands for “Physical Vapor Deposition”, indicating the technology used for depositing thin metallic films on perfectly smooth and clean surfaces (in the case of faucets, the CHROME finish). It constitutes the only high-quality alternative to common surface finishing techniques (e.g., galvanic processes, painting, etc.), addressing issues of scratching and thereby enhancing both quality and technical characteristics.

Rubinetto Bugnatese Serie Atelier in finitura PVD nero lucido

How the PVD treatment process takes place

The process takes place within vacuum chambers, where the metals intended for deposition are evaporated, “plating” the inserted elements through an ultra-thin film in a non-invasive manner This is achieved by vacuum deposition of a refractory material layer, usually only 1-2 microns thick, onto these elements. The achievable colors (reproducible without significant deviations) span across the following range with various tones: gold, black, palladium, champagne, copper, multicolor… depending on the combination of PRESSURE – TECHNICAL GASES – SPUTTERED MINERALS.

Technically, powdered materials such as zirconium (Zr), titanium (Ti), chromium (Cr), titanium-aluminum (TiAl), aluminum-titanium (AlTi), and aluminum-chromium (AlCr) are BLENDED inside the pressurized chamber along with technical gases like nitrogen (N), oxygen (O2), acetylene (C2H2), methane (CH4). This allows for the production of coatings with specific characteristics.

Rubinetto Bugnatese Serie Simple in finitura PVD rame lucido

Let’s find out some of the advantages of PVD treatments

  • High surface hardness;
  • Reproducibility and stability of color and surfaces;
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic and bio-compatible, characteristics that make these treatments eco-friendly and extremely advantageous for a quality production that respects the environment;
  • Alta resistenza all’usura, graffio, sfregamento e corrosione;
  • High resistance to wear, scratching, rubbing and corrosion;
  • High resistance to the aggressive action of atmospheric agents, salt and acidity;
  • Unaffected by acids, salts, solvents and in general by products for domestic and industrial use;
  • Metallic appearance of the surfaces without the need for a transparent protective varnish;

Some of these aspects are particularly appealing in terms of material durability and long-term preservation of product aesthetics. However, undoubtedly, PVD treatments also stand out for the brilliance of color, enhanced by the mirror-like glossy finish.

i trattamenti PVD colpiscono anche e soprattutto per la brillantezza del colore, esaltata dal finish lucido a specchio.

Discover the new PVD treatments in Bugnatese 2023 catalog


With the arrival of the new 2023 catalog, Rubinetteria Bugnatese has introduced the glossy scratch-resistant PVD treatments in COPPER, GOLDEN and BLACK colors, for the new ATELIER range, with a luxurious faceted square profile, and the most popular of round minimalist series, SIMPLE, appreciated in many different finishes and now also available in this version.

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