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Frequently asked questions

What's the products warranty?

Taps and fittings are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of the purchase, as stated on the receipt.

Our warranty and our responsibility on the goods quality is limited to the substitution of part of the taps and fittings which prove to be flawed while operating, for production causes. The warranty is immediately ceased if the taps and fittings are placed or employed not in compliance with the Firm, and it never gives right to refund or to compensation for direct or indirect damage.

In closing, the restitution of the goods has to be authorised by the Company first.

What kind of shipping methods do you employ?

The Company uses express couriers daily for shipments. Delivery by this method is usually within 1-2 days of departure. Shipments to islands require an extra working day for delivery. The shipping rate varies exclusively based on the total weight of the goods shipped. Transport costs are therefore generally entered in the transport document at the time of shipment.

For detailed information on the tariff for express shipments, please contact the address:

Is there a compatibility among concealed mixer taps?

There is compatibility between built-in mixers. For this reason, a universal built-in system was created, called Sly Box, which allows you to immediately purchase and install the built-in body of a mixer and, later, install the external part of the chosen series in complete comfort, in the desired color.

*Warning* The range Xara that uses the 40mm cartridge is exception to the Sly Box system.

How can I download the catalog?

To download the updated Bugnatese catalog and other contents, you can visit the “Media” page and download the available files that interest you.

For commercial inquiries, we invite you to contact us

Can you sell to private customers?

Bugnatese faucets are not authorized to be sold to private individuals.
We are pleased that more and more customers are interested in our products, and in this section, we will briefly explain how to proceed with purchasing our faucets. We are always available to provide the names of our authorized dealers active in the area. You can contact us by phone or email.

The “Agents” page will help you locate our agents in your area. You will find a list divided by regions that will help you contact the right person.